I use it in a variety of program and I have never had a problem! NO, it’s still really not complex. So, I still use version 1. The robust MX Core mixer employs an array of eight individual DSP cores to deliver near-zero latency and a matrix for sophisticated channel routing options, all accessible via an intuitive control panel that utilizes a separate mixer for each pair of outputs. And again, routing audio to and from the computer does not pass through the internal DSP sound card! Logical and flexible layout. The MX Core DSP technology provides a full virtual mixer which you can adapt and shape to suit your studio’s requirements or the specifics of a particular session.

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Fast Track Ultra 8R Drivers

Dual Headphone Amp Whether you usually track vocals or an ensemble, you’re likely to need multiple headphone mixes. The two headphone outputs are very convenient. It means that I can assign, for example, track 1 on the input – output 1 sound card, track 2 on the input and output 3 5, etc. The supplied Octane preamps sound bold, m audio fasttrack ultra 8r and ever so slightly warm without being too coloured – somehow better than much of the competition out there. The card worked fine for 2 years and then dropped m audio fasttrack ultra 8r track big roar in the channel I then phoned Music Comeback with whom I had bought the card, I was told that it was the fault of the model and the fault had bad capacitors invoice.

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The MX Core DSP technology provides a full virtual mixer which you can adapt and shape to suit your studio’s requirements or the specifics of a particular session. The setup was quick and easy and was making recordings quickly. The preamps are super quiet and perfect detail.

It works very well on Mac. Most Liked Negative Review.


Accessories For Orchestral Strings. To the right, phantom power buttons activate 48V for channels and separately, which is useful if you’re recording with a mixture m audio fasttrack ultra 8r condenser and dynamic microphones. The built in reverb is great on your vocals when you are tracking. I bought this appliance in AugustI m audio fasttrack ultra 8r very satisfied with the sound resources specialy for the preamp.

Now you can inspire creativity by adding effects without taxing your CPU’s resources. I’ve used it everyday for a year now with no issue but this limitation. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. M-Audio has a well-deserved reputation fashtrack building quality interfaces and the Fast Track 8R isn’t going to do it any harm. Reliability depends heavily on the quality of the USB bus to which it is connected.

Usefully, the front panel also keeps you in visual contact with the connections you’ve made, with each input channel offering both signal ‘present’ and ‘clip’ LEDs. It handles all the mics perfectly and provides phantom power for the condensers.

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Additionally, two ‘instrument’ inputs are supplied for inputs 1 and 2, with these connections being made on the front panel and switches determining whether you’d like to use these in preference to the rear panel inputs. Log in Become a member.

I use it for my studio until last week, suddenly when I want to turn it on the power lamp is blink and since then my fast track can not be recognized m audio fasttrack ultra 8r any system I’ve tried it on five different computer systems.

Image 2 of 2 The inserts will be useful if you have any outboard effects. Impossible to use m audio fasttrack ultra 8r, not least with Windows Media Player. Everything is clearly laid out and we’re not surprised M-Audio is exploiting this software on a whole range of aueio interfaces, audjo it works a treat. Monitoring control panel not that intuitive and device set up with Cubase is troublesome m audio fasttrack ultra 8r needs to be re-setup with every session. And the kicker is that in version 3 at least, fasttracj is not possible to assign individual track such uktra entry and exit as ASIO, you can make these settings globally on all software.

I am a metal drummer running 8 mics through this machine and it records and playsback flawlessly! Yes, because I always use Adobe Audition v1.

But now, buying a sound card 8 channel was more urgent to me that preamp 8 channels. In Pro Tools it? I stink compare it with a motu mk2 the difference is not phenomenal in the motu enregistrement.