Country of ref document: The variants were produced by growing the B. In some embodiments, the fabric comprises any fabric capable of being laundered in normal consumer use conditions. The sequence of the B. In this Example, experiments conducted to identify npr homologues are described.

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US 5,moonitor US 5,for descriptions of some exemplary suitable starches. Figure 23 provides a schematic showing the amplification of the individual DNA fragments. As used herein, “thermal stability” refers to the ability of a protein to function at a particular temperature.

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As used herein the term “hard surface cleaning composition,” refers to detergent compositions for cleaning hard surfaces such as floors, walls, tile, bath and kitchen fixtures, and the like. These enzymes involve more complex protein systems, as the enzymes have the absolute requirement for calcium and zinc ions for stability and function, respectively.

Suitable filler or carrier materials include, but are not limited to, various salts of sulfate, carbonate and silicate as well as talc, clay and the like.

As used herein, “corresponding to,” refers to a residue at the enumerated position in a protein or peptide, or a residue that is analogous, homologous, or equivalent to an enumerated residue in a protein or peptide. This procedure was done in duplicate. In general, transformation to B. Autocalibration was turned on, but only to calibrate before the first reading.

Then, an initial homology model of NprE was produced using the B. As supplied, this detergent contained all necessary components, except for the neutral metalloprotease of the present invention. Clopidogrel, with minor bleeding risk, may be another choice instead of aspirin for those who had indication for antiplatelet. As used herein, “equivalent residues” refers to proteins that share particular amino acid residues.

Enzyme solutions were added to the plate in the mixer, mixed vigorously and rapidly transferred to the plate reader. Such cobalt catalysts are readily prepared by known procedures See e. However, it is not ee152f that the present invention be limited to any temperature stability level nor temperature range.

Elution of the protein was between pH 5. As used herein, “Applicant Enzyme” refers to the neutral metalloproteases of the present invention. The method may further comprise the step of harvesting said produced neutral metalloprotease variant.

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Rates of NprE mojitor were measured in three independent experiments. Free 2-aminobenzoyl-L-alanylglycine Abz-AG in solution has a fluorescence emission maximum at nm with an excitation maximum of nm.

The bound protein was eluted using a pH gradient from 5. As used herein, the term “hybridization” refers to the process by which a strand of nucleic acid joins with a complementary strand through base pairing, as known in the art. The task of locating suitable flanking regions and evaluating the needed changes to arrive at two convenient restriction site sequences is made routine by the redundancy of the genetic code, a restriction enzyme map of the gene and the large number of different restriction enzymes.

Figure 29 shows the results of experiments including various additives. As used herein, “non-fabric cleaning compositions” encompass hard surface cleaning compositions, dishwashing compositions, personal care cleaning compositions e.

The excitation and emission slit width were both set at 2. The gene-encoding neutral metalloprotease was cloned from B. The present invention additionally provides cleaning compositions that in addition to at least one neutral metalloprotease of the present invention, further comprise at least one acid stable enzyme, the cleaning composition comprising a sufficient amount of a pH modifier to provide the composition with a neat pH of from about 3 to about 5, the composition being essentially free of materials that hydrolyze at a pH of from about 3 to about 5.

Then, 10ul of purified NprE, Bacillus subtilis NprE, Bacillus thuringiensis NprB and Bacillus thermoproteolyticus monitr were added to the wells to produce a final enzyme concentration is 0. Can turn power off and back on and get the same above result. The desired detergent solution was prepared as described above.

For example, nucleic acids from organisms other than those to be monktor may be present as background in a test sample. Thus, a means to efficiently and effectively wash colored garments so that these appearance losses are minimized is needed.